A client of mine said, “I would like to have a wall in my house that makes me feel like I am at the beach and could just step into the water.” Since she doesn’t live anywhere near me we arranged for this mural to be painted on canvas, rolled and delivered to her house. It isn’t finished yet, but when it is it will be stretched onto the wall like wallpaper.Partially painted canvas muralWhile working on this project I have been immersing myself in images of tropical scenery. Since I love the beach and all things tropical this painting has been a real pleasure for me. Working all day doing something I love to do, painting, and filling my mind with beach and ocean pictures is really a wonderful dream life. This type of daily life is something I have been working toward achieving for years and years. I feel it is happening and has been happening without me realizing it. I draw, paint, imagine, design and that is my gift. I need to just be grateful for this lifestyle.