Announcing Bravo School of Art!

Art is the creative outlet that makes life fun and interesting. It is an expression of what lies within the imagination. Art comes in many forms and its limits have no bounds. Not only is it created to represent feelings and emotions, but it can also be an alleviating remedy to stress and a therapeutic cleanse of the soul. It is one of the core foundations of our culture. The importance of art is often neglected in our fast paced lives in an economically driven society. At the Bravo School of Art, we realize this. We know that life can get hectic and at times overwhelming. That is why we have created a positive environment to escape from the busy demands of our daily routine to embrace the beauty that life has to offer through art. We strive to provide an integrative and diverse array of artistic outlets, methods, and mediums to produce works of art inspired by the imagination. We invite you to join us in living life to the fullest through the creative pursuit of art!


            Our brand new school of art is located in the newly renovated Liberty Station in Point Loma, California, overlooking the lovely San Diego Harbor and skyline. We are excited to offer several classes spanning over many artistic fields, taught by experienced, highly qualified and friendly instructors who are eager to share their skills with you. We are proud to provide classes for all ages and to aspiring artists at any level, from first time beginner to the intermediate level. If you have a specific field in mind, or you’d like to just test the waters of the wonderful world of art, Bravo School of Art is a perfect match for you. We are enthusiastically waiting to teach all aspects of art, from theory, to techniques, to proper application, to just for fun!


            If you feel like art is something your life may be lacking, give it a try! Feel free to browse our website for more detailed information pertaining to our school, and don’t hesitate to visit our new facility. Our instructors and directors are waiting to meet and greet you and introduce you to this exciting new enterprise. Our main goal is to make beautiful art and have fun doing it! We want you to feel comfortable, confident and welcome. So bring a friend or family member and come see what we’re all about!


And remember: Don’t worry, have FUN, be HAPPY, make ART!

Sample Calendar


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