After 40 years why do we even want to go to a reunion of high school friends. How many people did we really know that well, well enough to want to reconnect? My husband says “Who cares, that was too long ago!” Evidently he is in the majority because most in my class will not be coming. I graduated in a class of nearly 900 kids. That’s a lot. So far about 100 are coming. Are people in their late 50’s so jaded and been there done that that they just don’t want to leave their comfort zone or what is it?

How many people really knew each other? Everyone had their circle of friends, and some have even kept up the friendships. I actually have some friends I met in 5th grade. So my point is, the friends I want to keep I have kept.

Going to a high school class reunion for me is an opportunity for a small adventure. It is unpredictable, you never know who you will see and maybe meet for the first time. It is a chance to be in a room full of people all roughly the same age, with similar backgrounds. We all grew up in the same town, same neighborhood, same era. That alone is enough of a draw for me. I like adventure no matter how small.

Somehow I became the only one of my class willing to take on the planning of our reunion. I didn’t want to do it, I dragged my feet for a year. In fact I waited so long that it was a year late. I kept asking everyone who inquired, ” Do you want to take over?” No takers. I ended up hiring a company do do the hard part, find everybody. Supposedly they had the resources to do this.

That was 5 years ago and all went pretty well.

So for the 40th the big one, I hired them again. Uh oh, big mistake.

Our reunion is 2 weeks away and I am on pins and needles. The company is now unreliable, who knew! I’ll have to wait and see how it all turns out.