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Art is the creative outlet that makes life fun and interesting. It is an expression of what lies within the imagination. Art comes in many forms and its limits have no bounds. Not only is it created to represent feelings and emotions, but it can also be an alleviating remedy to stress and a therapeutic cleanse of the soul. It is one of the core foundations of our culture. The importance of art is often neglected in our fast paced lives in an economically driven society. At the Bravo School of Art, we realize this. We know that life can get hectic and at times overwhelming. That is why we have created a positive environment to escape from the busy demands of our daily routine to embrace the beauty that life has to offer through art. We strive to provide an integrative and diverse array of artistic outlets, methods, and mediums to produce works of art inspired by the imagination. We invite you to join us in living life to the fullest through the creative pursuit of art!


            Our brand new school of art is located in the newly renovated Liberty Station in Point Loma, California, overlooking the lovely San Diego Harbor and skyline. We are excited to offer several classes spanning over many artistic fields, taught by experienced, highly qualified and friendly instructors who are eager to share their skills with you. We are proud to provide classes for all ages and to aspiring artists at any level, from first time beginner to the intermediate level. If you have a specific field in mind, or you’d like to just test the waters of the wonderful world of art, Bravo School of Art is a perfect match for you. We are enthusiastically waiting to teach all aspects of art, from theory, to techniques, to proper application, to just for fun!


            If you feel like art is something your life may be lacking, give it a try! Feel free to browse our website for more detailed information pertaining to our school, and don’t hesitate to visit our new facility. Our instructors and directors are waiting to meet and greet you and introduce you to this exciting new enterprise. Our main goal is to make beautiful art and have fun doing it! We want you to feel comfortable, confident and welcome. So bring a friend or family member and come see what we’re all about!


And remember: Don’t worry, have FUN, be HAPPY, make ART!

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A New Mural

I just finished painting a tropical scene in a private residence. The owner wanted a certain type of wave with one dolphin surfing it. It was fun to do. Here is a video of it.

I wrote a book!

I put together a collection of all the pictures I have of the Edgewater Grill. I started out painting in this restaurant in 1980 when it was Su Casa. After 28 years it is now The Edgewater Grill and I painted it 5 times. Here is a link to the picture/history book I have. You can preview the first 15 pages, but the nicest pictures are later on in the book. It is for sale on the web. Just click this link to go to the page where the book can be purchased.

A Restaurant in Sa…
By Nancy Isbell

Teaching Art

I have been teaching art in the public schools for about 8 years now. I’ve lost track of how many schools I’ve been to and I can only remember of sea of faces. Each time I start at a new school in a new classroom it is brand new. Every situation is different, I’m always sort of lost, wandering around a campus with a list of classrooms and teachers’ names. I try really hard to get there at just the right time, not too early and not too late. If it is one thing I have learned in the the public schools every minute is accounted for. School might start at 7:56 or end at 2:24. I try to not disrupt the current activity when I walk in a room. I have a bag of tricks with me and as I walk in I am scanning the room to see if there is a whiteboard or an easel with paper, or anywhere where I can write things. Sometimes the entire classroom is completely filled with stuff. There is zero space to write. Many schools use document readers these days and I like them if circumstances are right. There seems to usually be a lighting issue, or a distance issue or things are sideways, each classroom is set up differently and I have to instantly adjust. I can go to 5 different classrooms in the same day and have to figure out how things are set up in each room. My favorite rooms have some empty whiteboard, an easel with some chart paper and a document reader. My least favorite rooms are completely filled and they feel really cluttered almost claustrophobic with so many pieces of chart paper all written on and projects dangling from the ceiling and even the windows full. I feel kind of sorry for the kids cooped up in a room like that all day, mass confusion. 

My mission is to open a window on art for kids and teachers, to give them a chance to try it out. Usually materials are limited so I try to use real basic things that most schools have such as crayons. Did you know that crayons can look almost like paint if they are used thick and the colors are mixed? Below are some videos showing student artwork.

Here are some more videos of student work.

Earlier on this I mentioned a tropical mural I was painting for a client who wanted to feel that they could just step into the water. It is finally finished and has been installed! The first part of this video shows the mural being painted, installed and touched up finishing with the new owner sitting in front of it on a beach chair. The second part is a slideshow of other tropical paintings. I love to paint water, especially tropical water and tropical scenes. 

Painting a Custom Mural

A client of mine said, “I would like to have a wall in my house that makes me feel like I am at the beach and could just step into the water.” Since she doesn’t live anywhere near me we arranged for this mural to be painted on canvas, rolled and delivered to her house. It isn’t finished yet, but when it is it will be stretched onto the wall like wallpaper.Partially painted canvas muralWhile working on this project I have been immersing myself in images of tropical scenery. Since I love the beach and all things tropical this painting has been a real pleasure for me. Working all day doing something I love to do, painting, and filling my mind with beach and ocean pictures is really a wonderful dream life. This type of daily life is something I have been working toward achieving for years and years. I feel it is happening and has been happening without me realizing it. I draw, paint, imagine, design and that is my gift. I need to just be grateful for this lifestyle.

I spent about 3 weeks working on this mural. It is a side of a garage. My client and I discussed what she would like to see when she sat in her courtyard backyard, and it wasn’t the blank wall. She said she would like to be able to see all of her favorite San Diego landmarks right from her back yard in her imaginary scene. I put in the San Diego Coronado Bay Bridge, the tower at Balboa Park, the San Diego Convention Center and some typical flowers from the area.That’s the fun of planning and designing your own view. “See my website, for the finished mural.  Nancy Painting

After 40 years why do we even want to go to a reunion of high school friends. How many people did we really know that well, well enough to want to reconnect? My husband says “Who cares, that was too long ago!” Evidently he is in the majority because most in my class will not be coming. I graduated in a class of nearly 900 kids. That’s a lot. So far about 100 are coming. Are people in their late 50’s so jaded and been there done that that they just don’t want to leave their comfort zone or what is it?

How many people really knew each other? Everyone had their circle of friends, and some have even kept up the friendships. I actually have some friends I met in 5th grade. So my point is, the friends I want to keep I have kept.

Going to a high school class reunion for me is an opportunity for a small adventure. It is unpredictable, you never know who you will see and maybe meet for the first time. It is a chance to be in a room full of people all roughly the same age, with similar backgrounds. We all grew up in the same town, same neighborhood, same era. That alone is enough of a draw for me. I like adventure no matter how small.

Somehow I became the only one of my class willing to take on the planning of our reunion. I didn’t want to do it, I dragged my feet for a year. In fact I waited so long that it was a year late. I kept asking everyone who inquired, ” Do you want to take over?” No takers. I ended up hiring a company do do the hard part, find everybody. Supposedly they had the resources to do this.

That was 5 years ago and all went pretty well.

So for the 40th the big one, I hired them again. Uh oh, big mistake.

Our reunion is 2 weeks away and I am on pins and needles. The company is now unreliable, who knew! I’ll have to wait and see how it all turns out.

La Jolla Cove

So here I am on my first post to this. I’m not even sure why I am attempting to write on such a public forum. It is a bit of an adventure…I think it will take me awhile to figure out the bells and whistles available, I’m not that much of a computer whiz. I would like to change the look, add some pictures, change the pages color, I wonder if that is all complicated.

Well I managed to upload this picture. I just finished painting this on the bathroom wall of a client’s house last week. She wanted a room with a view of the ocean so this is what I came up with. This is an adaptation of a picture I took of La Jolla Cove. I really enjoyed doing this because I am truly a beach lover and it seems like I have a real need to paint the ocean lately.